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Humour, Cartoons and Writing

Trip to Tokyo

Our Family Trip to Tokyo Oct 2014


Our 40th wedding anniversary  27th/28th July 2014.

Day 1 - Lunch on the Lawn

Day 2 - Barbecue, rain, and a quiz





 Episodes from my life

My Life

not all me as such, but places I've been and people I've met: Japan, Russia, blackmail, etc

To read about my career and more personal me, me, stuff, read here:

My Career

Aber '65 Pages

Reunion 2010

Reunion 2015


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Posy's Poems


Vampire Donkeys!!

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My Twin Uncles' Stories

The other 'John Griffiths' who sailed round the world and his twin, Tom who went to Australia

Uncle Jack's story

Uncle Tom's Tale

My mate Tom Fletcher's cartoons.

John Peel
 I wrote to his brother! And he replied!

My Poem

 A poem written when I was 9


My books!


'Truckerson' is available from Amazon and all bookshops.


'The Clam Before the Storm'

 Family Corner

Here you'll find videos of  our anniversaries and other Griffiths and White family do's