Modern Times

Bobby and Norah were lost in the fog,
There was no sign of old Panzer, their dog.
Bobby had thought he was there at their side,
But Panzer had run back to Mrs McBride.

As the fog thickened, young Bobby was foxed.
Norah got frightened and pulled up her socks.
She clutched at Bob’s arm with a hell of a grip,
Bob stiffened his back and she bit on her lip.

The fog was a mantle that covered the ground,
The hollows and hummocks, the heather all round.
'It’s going to be dark soon,' young Norah opined,
Looking at Bobby and reading his mind.

Suddenly there was a bark from the left.
Panzer was scrambling up out of a cleft
As he approached them Bob saw with delight
Something he held in his mouth, very tight.

At home they had biscuits and cake with their tea.
Mrs McBride sat and chortled with glee.
Bobby and Norah gave thanks that she’d let
Panzer bring out Bobby’s GPS set.

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