My Life

A lot of people write about their lives, and fill the pages with self-justification, how other people were always wrong, how they were brilliant. Of course there's a bit of that here, but I've made a great effort to leaven the life story with more interesting facts, places and experiences for the reader to enjoy, hoping to push the 'me me' into the background a bit - see for yourself, dip in!

Now available

1. Early Adult Years

1.1 University Disaster!


2 My First Job:

2.1 A History of my Erections

2.2 More Erections

2.3 My Last Stand


3. My Next Jobs:

3.5 The Late Night Call (-- blackmail?)

3.7 My Brush with Special Branch (stopped at Heathrow as illegal immigrant)

3.9 Me and John Humphrys (Him and me in an interview, and past connections, also Peter Purvis)


4. Japan (a place I loved)

4.3 Dallas (yes, it's also about Japan)

4.4 In Tokyo, Buying (The temptations of the flesh)

4.5 Hotels (Waterfalls in the walls and streams in the floor)

4.6 Oishii! (Kyoto)

4.7 Christmas in Tokyo (It was my birthday and I was stranded)


5. Russia (a country in change. a country of contrasts)

5.1 St Petersburg and Poland (Bringing the Finns and Russians together)

5.2 Watching for the Chinese (Khabarovsk on the Amur River, potatoes, 200 passengers on the wrong plane, Aeroflot wars)

5.3 Live Volcanoes (Kamchatka, crab, submarines, purple macs)

5.4 Villa by the Volga (I was offered a villa in the Jiguli hills - 'The Pearl of Russia' and asked if I'd like to know when I'd die! oh, and I walked around Samara/Kubyschev with $1000 in my sock)

5.5 Moscow Frights! (assaulted by gypsies, a night at the Bolshoi, tanks across from the White House)


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