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Alan Ravenscroft sent me this letter; -

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Thanks for you very droll letter. Quite right to spot that the HOUSE IN FRANCE was never completed quite as I imagined. . . we're still working on it. As for Ken (Steve ) Sacha (Sascha) and Mary (Rosemary) they are all well and thriving. Steve does now have a house in the nearby village, which is being renovated ( see above ), last I heard of Sascha she was working at Anglia TV in Norwich, since there was not much call for language pieces in Florida beyond the usual gags around "divided by" etc. Mary (Rosemary) is still working with me on the house.

I was amused by the comparisons you drew with John's MOVING PEOPLE (I think that was the name) though I think any amalgam of the formats could cause more confusion than it resolved. I've passed on your thoughts at our weekly breakfast get togethers.

Thanks also for the HOUSE IN AFGHANISTAN cartoon, which is now on the office wall. We're not sure what lies beyond Florida (sic) but hope to bring you more bread ovens, recalcitrant local builders, wine tastings, tips and hints and general atmos of the Englishman abroad 2002 - that you must know only too well.

Have a great year in the UK and France