Arthur Leaves His Cabin

- Relationships

Arthur Mablethorpe has left his cabin
In a lonely coat and wandering shoes.
His feet are rearranging the dust along the road
As his fingers plait the air.

Eventually, he will find the sea
And stand, swaying with the seagulls
For at least an hour
Before treading the promenade

And entering the Bluebell Café
Where, of an afternoon
He nurses a cup of hot strong tea
Refreshed at intervals

By Marie, who is always kind
And sits behind the counter
Staring out of the window
At the waves.

When the afternoon has exhausted itself
Arthur leaves
And back in his cabin
Lights the stove and sets the pot

For later on.
In his chair
He dreams
Of Isobel.


Marie leaves the café
As Mr Wright locks up
And sets the alarm
For the night

In case of young men.
Walking home
She sees Mrs Muir
And smiles to her.

Her mother
Gets her tea
And tells her
What's on TV

'I might go for a walk.'
'No, Marie,
Stay safe inside
I need your company'.


Mrs Muir
Hurries home to Jim
Thinking of Marie
With a tear.

'Poor girl, she never gets out.'
'She was adopted.'
'Yes Jim, I was here then
I know.'

'I saw that Mablethorpe bloke
By the sea'
'Did you?

Isobel clears the tea
And retires
Thinking of Arthur.

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