- In today's right-wing socialist paradise, everybody's got a 'qualification', it's truly wonderful!

I've got a certificate for shouting,
It's something that I like a lot.
It's better than huffing or pouting,
I'd rather be shouting than not.

And in the discharge of my duty,
My certificate serves me quite well,
I'm not a great mind or a beauty,
But shouting? Can I? Bloody Hell!

I studied a long time to get it
I sat up quite late every night
I practiced and practiced for hours
Until I got everything right.

Of course now the neighbours don't like me
I'm 'persona non grata' they say.
But wait till they need something shouting,
With my skill I'll be well away!

The value of good education
Is improving the state of the soul
If they let me I'll shout for the nation
My certificate'll get me the rôle.  

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