Two Rants


If I turned every subject into something I could rant
about, my fame would spread both far and wide
with something I could chant about
to vapid heads, whose only thought was
feelings of the common sort,
who’d vie to read my latest hit
on someone who I’d call a ‘shit’
and point out all their lifestyle lies
and shout and yell.
Yes, I’d commit,
no matter that the subject was
in truth a fairly useless twazz
whose exploits mostly innocent, were tinged with
something I could use.
So would I care?
No, Billy Bragg come on! We see,
how common man’s most common tongue can frame the
scene of right and wrong to those of mistuned brain.
That’s up to them.
And down to me.  


The Day Peace Broke Out  

Imagine if a peace broke out
In every town and neighbourhood
And that each person in their mind
Forgave the other, turned to good.
We’d then forget the old disputes,
Imagined slights and open wounds,
The thoughts that make you toss at night,
Wake with unease and give you grounds
For carrying on the spite and hate,
The blind dislike and threatened fear
The weakness of inadequates
And would it last a day? A year?
A minute or a second? Then
Someone would look and see a face
Expressionless, with absent gaze
And with a preconceived distaste
Assume it evil, bad or rude
And start again recycled hate
Pick on a tiny word or move
And we’d be back to present state.


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